YSF call for applications 2024

Young Scientific Forum (YSF) is a four day conference for selected young scientists from all over Europe! After the successful selection to participate in the event, you are also invited to attend the main FEBS Congress (with the same poster)! This year we have attended YSF in Tours, France and it was just great. Imagine an event, when you can meet like-minded peers (Ph.D. students and postdocs) where you can discuss scientific topics, network in relaxed environment and learn more about your career development. In fact, YSF is a great opportunity to meet with other young scientists, learn new trends in STEM field and establish the connections that might boost… Read more

What is FEBS YSF and why do you want to apply for it?

Publikovala: Terezie Páníková | 21. 11. 2022 21:17

Young Scientists' Forum of Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS YSF) is a three-day conference for selected PhD students and postdocs, preceding the main FEBS congress. During these three days, you have the opportunity to meet about a hundred young scientists and learn about their research, listen to excellent invited talks not only about science, participate in workshops on topics such as ethics, soft skills, publication writing or general public science communication, or to get specific advices on how to write a successful funding application. All this is accompanied by a social programme.

What is another advantage of the FEBS YSF? FEBS will provide you with accommodation for both the FEBS YSF and the follow-up FEBS Congress, pay your registration fee for the main Congress, provide full overhead for the duration of the FEBS YSF and also substantially contribute to your travel expenses. For Terezie and Karolina, FEBS YSF was an amazing opportunity to meet interesting young scientists all over the world. They got so excited that they now want more people to learn about FEBS YSF so they can attend the event and enjoy all the benefits as well.

FEBS YSF was a great opportunity to meet internationally renowned scientists in a friendly environment, while networking with young people in similar positions as me. It showed me that I was definitely not alone with the problems I was facing, and it has also shown me other paths I can take. — Karolina
It was an incredible group of young people at FEBS YSF. It opened up new horizons for me about how science is done in other countries, but also about the working conditions there. This experience would make finding non-official information a lot easier when looking for a postdoc abroad. Now all I have to do is write to my FEBS YSF friends . — Terezie

FEBS YSF 2023 will take place from 6th to 8th July 2023 in Tours, France, followed immediately by the big FEBS Congress from 8th to 12th July 2023. The deadline for the FEBS YSF 2023 application is already on 8th December 2022!

What you need to apply for the FEBS YSF (Tips and Tricks):

  1. CV - Don't think about preparing own ultra nice format of CV, you will need to fill in a special FEBS form.
  2. Cover letter - Don't write a generic text about how enthusiastic and promising scientist you are, it is better to mention specific names of invited speakers (already listed on the website) and how you would like to see them in person. It is also worth mentioning specifically FEBS and its activities.
  3. Recommendation letter from the supervisor
  4. Confirmation of status - This is the study confirmation for PhD students, or a proof of a maximum of five years since your PhD completion + employment certificate for postdocs.
  5. ID card photocopy
  6. CSBMB membership certificate is required! Don't give up if you are preparing a last minute application. Mrs. Štavíková (vendula.stavikova@csbmb.cz) will send you the certificate immediately upon the payment of the membership fee (400 CZK) if you contact her.
  7. Abstract - Don't forget to write a polished abstract. All FEBS YSF participants will also present a poster during the main FEBS congress.