YSF call for applications 2024

Young Scientific Forum (YSF) is a four day conference for selected young scientists from all over Europe! After the successful selection to participate in the event, you are also invited to attend the main FEBS Congress (with the same poster)! This year we have attended YSF in Tours, France and it was just great. Imagine an event, when you can meet like-minded peers (Ph.D. students and postdocs) where you can discuss scientific topics, network in relaxed environment and learn more about your career development. In fact, YSF is a great opportunity to meet with other young scientists, learn new trends in STEM field and establish the connections that might boost… Read more

Insights from the Prague Protein Spring 2023

Published by: Veronika Vetýšková | 25. 05. 2023 11:12

Prague Protein Spring (PPS) is a conference that has been organized in Prague every two years since 2010. Unfortunately, the last conference was held in 2018, due to the COVID restrictions. The PPS was therefore relaunched after five years and it was a great success again. In my opinion, the focus of this year's conference, "Proteins and Diseases", was very actual. The conference was organized by three experienced professors, namely Jiří Vondrášek from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS, Mikael Olivenberg from the Stockholm University, and last but not least, Michele Vendruscolo from the University of Cambridge, who gave us an excellent presentation of their current research.

A big highlight was the opening lecture by Sir Alan Fersht, who is a professor at the University of Cambridge and presented his topic From engineering mutations to study folding and stability to drugging p53 oncogenic mutants. The whole conference was very enjoyable in the spring spirit with about sixty participants. There was also a poster session, which even went on for another hour, as the participants were really excited and wanted to discuss their results in detail. The full conference programme can be found on the webpage of the PPS event.

If you are also interested in proteins in your research and you are attracted by the programme or the idea of the conference, do not forget about it and apply in two years as well. We will try to inform you about it well in advance so that you don't miss anything.

Prague Protein Spring 2023